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Hello Readers! My name is Jasmine Washington and my blog is entitled The Washington Report. I created this blog to further my career as a news reporter for the online magazine Blasting News US. I want to take my journalism and ambitions to become a famous author to a whole new level. Not only do I want to continue expanding my news audience by delivering high-quality news that my readers can trust, I also want to finally release my own voice. I’ve been in this cage long enough. Here on my blog is where I’m set free. All my devoted readers thank you for giving me my inner muse to write. I always listen to you. IΒ want to do this with intentions for the world to know the real me and what I really voice inside when I feel no one is listening.

Just one favor in exchange for you to have all you wish and desire?Β 

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The Washington Poet #1: “One Day I’ll Fly”

One day I’ll fly and I’ll understand the meaning
On that day I’ll fly along a path of new beginning

One day I’ll fly and I’ll remember when I felt uneasy 

On that day I’ll fly no longer grounded with the sleazy

One day I’ll fly and I’ll feel myself soar

On that day I’ll fly knowing in life I’m worth much more 

One day I will fly

Higher than anyone who’s ever deceived me

On that day I will look down and see them

No longer asking why are they beneath me

One day I’ll fly with the wings I have earned

On that day they’ll glide 

Angelic with every turn

Here I lay just thinking

My relatives are embarrassed by me


Because they choose to be weak in understanding

While I can comprehend the fly

So one day I’ll fly 

No longer seeking approval

On that day they’ll regret with no riches 

The anticipation of my removal

I was blessed with these wings

Though broken they’re worth the try

The try to actually fix them

So one day I’ll be able to fly